Tilly Archer

Tilly Archer #1Key: R20121125-141107

Hexanon 50mm f1.4 @ f2.8 on Panasonic GH1

Tilly Archer #2Key: R20121125-141356

Pana Leica Elmarit 45mm f2.8 @ f2.8

I will probably be evaluating these two lenses against each other until the day I divest of this system (which isn’t anytime soon).

Pitting a classic Konica 35mm lens from the 1970s against a computer designed wonder lens from Leica from the 2000s. And they are very close when the former is stopped down to 2.8 and the latter is wide open at 2.8–the Konica has just the edge at this aperture. Of course the Pana Leica is very light and supports AF, whereas the Konica is using the sweet spot center of the frame and is manual focus only. Still, I really like the look of the Konica lens–the bokeh is just slightly smoother, the acutance (edge sharpness) just slightly higher. Nevertheless, my take away is just how good the modern lenses are with the computer design and special elements–and how you can use them wide open with out any second thoughts.

There is a hint of difference in color too–I think the Pana Leica gives slightly more saturated colors.  These were taken seconds apart in the same lighting with the same camera settings.


2 thoughts on “Tilly Archer

  1. Eric, From these results it would be hard to pick between these two lens. So in that case, for me, it would probably come down to cost and/or convenience — probably the AF of the Pana Leica — nice to have on many occasions.

    • I hear ya, Earl. Actually, the Pany wins on everything between these two lenses from f2.8 on up, except perhaps on quality of bokeh. But there is some magic in the old lens for portraits at the wider f-stops: 2.2, 2.0, 1.8 and 1.4. There the “defects” of this non-computer designed analog lens comes through to make a really nice portrait. See the two in the next post as an example.

      But for walking around it’s no contest: the Pany is light, has good AF and the quality is great.

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