Phone Booth

Phone Booth #1Key: R20121103-092640
Phone Booth #2Key: R20121103-093036
Phone Booth #3Key: R20121103-094114
Phone Booth #4Key: R20121103-094642
Phone Booth #5Key: R20121103-100607

3 thoughts on “Phone Booth

  1. An especially lovely montage….Simon’s hair is out of control! Bart’s is not. Evelyn is her usual inventive self and Margaret is, again, amazingly and beautifully photogenic! The photographer looks mature and handsome, too.
    Thanks for the visit to that particular phone booth. Call me. 🙂

  2. Eric, I get over-whelmed by the cuteness and personally of the kids in the second and third photos! 🙂 Good series. So, do children of the current generation even know how to work a rotary-dial phone? Have a good Thanksgiving!

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