Ladies Sleeping

Ladies Sleeping

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And we’re back!

The blog is not going dark. I’ve just got a lot vying for my attention right now.

No photography, but my house is newly painted, and we have a new garden in.

6 thoughts on “Ladies Sleeping

  1. Eric, I love this! so Amy…. book along side. I thought,” what an angle! Eric must be hanging from some kind of ceiling sling, he’s not THAT tall!” Then I saw your big feet there on the couch…that makes it even more enjoyable. and funny……….. I just saw the whole slide show from the cherry orchard on your website. I had seen some of the pics, but not the whole show. Thank you for putting those happy memories together for us. That orchard has been so important to my sense of family, place, and delight all my life and I’m so glad my kids and grandkids and son-in-law love it, too. Esecially since Aunt Lois is failing fast and the orchard probably won’t be in the family too much longer. sigh Today is Lisa’s 37th birthday and I made her shrimp salad for her lunch and am making some blueberry buckle. Wyatt is going to the doctor for sinusitis and then home to cook her a good meal. I hope you and Amy had a lovely anniversary and that you spent a moment looking into each other’s eyes. If not…go do it now. I love you.


    • Hi Earl,
      You know I love to put my feet in a photo! I don’t know how many photos there have been on this blog with my feet in them, but I would wager it is quite a few. Trademark EJ!

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