Moon and a Stack o’ Antlers

Moon and a Stack o' AntlersKey: R20120730-190349-v1

National Bison Range, MT

Stack o' AntlersKey: R20120730-190753-v1

If you’ve never been to the National Bison Range in Montana, I can highly recommend it. We saw so much wildlife in just a short two hour tour. Buffalo, of course, by the hundreds, but also elk, antelope, deer, bighorn sheep, coyotes, hawks, eagles… you might even see a moose. Wished mightily that I had brought my telephoto lens on vacation with me that day I can tell you. Still, had some OK shots with my 90mm lens.

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2 thoughts on “Moon and a Stack o’ Antlers

  1. Ahh, cool. Seeing things via the Flickr stream in my reader definitely keeps me from actually visiting the blog. Silly me šŸ™‚

    The image with the moon and the stack looks even more surreal. Love it. Did you use a split-ND filter or merge the moon in from another exposure? Looks great, seems impossible šŸ™‚

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