ChickenKey: R20120825-181621

A wild chick raised “by hand”.

I’ve resurfaced after a prolonged Internet absence–both reading and writing. The occasion was a month-long western US road trip for my family. Internet was spotty, and when I did have it I used it for checking work emails and making travelling arrangements. I was surprised by how nice it felt to get off the treadmill of daily internet habits, and how relaxing it all was. I need to take away some lessons from that.

In addition to seeing a lot of family relations and visiting old friends we managed to get in a fair amount of camping, rafting, tubing, wildlife viewing and general outdoor fun. I’ll be busy dribbling pictures out from that for a little while, I think.

3 EggsKey: R20120825-181011

An update on the farm critters. Only 2 of the wild chicks have survived to adulthood. These have now joined the rest of our flock and in fact, one of them is now laying, as illustrated by the small white egg. I suspect the subsequent eggs will get a bit larger as the chickens mature but will always be smaller than the eggs from our domestic birds, since they are all-around smaller birds in body.

I’ll have to try to get a better picture of them for you because they are striking birds. I believe the father was probably a fighting rooster. There are lots of those that get loose on this island; good for them maybe, but not so pleasant for the rest of us that have to live with their crowing and courting our hens on stealth visits from the jungle.

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