Dutch Skies

Dutch Skies

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How can I end a set of posts on Holland and not include a windmill? My last day we toured a scenic area that was preserved with some classic windmills–a vast flood control project. Of course, these days the work is done by a couple of modern, very efficient pumps. Luckily the windmills were preserved to remember the old days.

7 thoughts on “Dutch Skies

  1. Windmills and lighthouses, though rarely used these days, are two of my favourites to spot. This photo is beautiful. I’ve just started a blog on which I’d like to have people share their stories, providing an interesting read and a way for people to get their experiences noticed. I’ve been thoroughly entertained reading your blog and would love for you to contribute something! It can be something you’ve already written, ro you can write something new. Anything you think worth sharing! My blog address is: http://pragmaticallyeccentric.wordpress.com. Conditions and all are on there. I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  2. While I’ve been barely on-line the last two weeks I have managed to follow and enjoy your post of the Netherlands. It brought back fond memories of our visit last fall. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, Eric!

  3. I’m one o those lucky ones who’s living in a small town in the Netherlands.
    We’ve got a windmill standing there aswell, and since I know the couple who turned it into their home, I will go and ask them to let me shoot some pictures o the inside , instead o the outside..Thanks for the great pictures and refreshing my mind a bit again 🙂

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