Hawaii Photo Expo 2012

It’s that time of the year again. Time for the Hawai’i Photo Expo.

Another year of meetings and planning and sometimes plain old hard work to put on the largest photography only fine art contest and exhibition in the state of Hawaii. This year we were lucky to land Brooks Jensen (of Lenswork fame) as our juror. He did an excellent job.

Hawaii Photo Expo 2012

Key: R20120609-150743

Juror Brooks Jensen gives a “walk and talk” around the 2012 exhibition.

Hawaii Photo Expo 2012 Winners with Juror Brooks JensenKey: R20120609-173723

The 2012 winners with Brooks.

Hawaii Photo Expo 2012 Board with Juror Brooks JensenKey: R20120609-173946

The Board of the Photo Expo LLC with Juror Brooks Jensen.

LtoR: Jim, Ben, Eric, Steve, Andrew, Brooks, Bob, Trudee

Who cut off our feet!??

Hawaii Photo Expo 2012Key: R20120609-165153

Me with my sole entry that made it in the show—“Shoegasm”.

Shoegasm (v2)Key: R20110701-083336-v2

If you are a regular reader, you’ve probably seen it before. The version I submitted was a toned version of the original.

5 thoughts on “Hawaii Photo Expo 2012

  1. Eric, Congrats on your entry. I so enjoy your offerings.
    I think you should do a whole collage of Amy hamming it up. You’d have plenty of material!

  2. Congratulations, Eric, both for your show entry (I seem to have missed that when you posted it) and for having Brooks as the juror. I could imagine that he has great teaching and explaining facilities

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