Venus Transit 2012

Venus Transit 2012

Key: R20120605-172737-crop

I had an amazing seat for the transit of Venus on June 5th–on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii with clear, blue skies. The entire transit was visible from start to finish, and easily seen with the naked eye and a solar filter. I had my GH1 set up on a tripod with the 100-300mm f5.6 racked out to 300mm (600mm-e) and a solar filter taped on the front. Despite many attempts I was not too happy with the resulting images. It was somewhat hard to focus with the dark filter on the front (mostly I did it manually) and the bright harsh light all around. Also, there was a pretty good wind up on the mountain top, even though we had tried to block ourselves with cars and tarps and what not. This one is pretty typical of what I got.

Despite the poor photographic results, I was very happy I had put in the effort to go up for the viewing. It felt very historic to be viewing such a (relatively) rare event.

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