A Fleeting Memory

Cowgirl #2

Key: R20120602-154915-master

Panasonic GH1, Konica Hexanon 50mm f1.4

With negative film, this relationship becomes once removed – the negatives were in the same place, the print was in all likelihood made somewhere else. Digital photography has completely erased it – there is no negative, and the raw image exists in a way that is far removed from anything visual. The print… well, if there is a print, it was made somewhere else. Usually, there is no print. The digital image exists like a chimera – showing up on one’s computer or smart-phone screen, maybe for an instant, and then gone again. Digital photographs thus are closest to our memories – they are fleeting, they can be manipulated easily, and by their very nature, there are a lot of them, existing in some badly organized state.

Joerg Colberg, Photography and Memory

2 thoughts on “A Fleeting Memory

  1. Eric, I liked the thought of relating digital photos to memories. There are certainly short and long term photos/memories depending upon how strong their impact. You’ve given me something to think about — if I remember. 😉

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