Moon at Perigee

Moon at Perigee

Key: R20120505-203441-v1

Taken from Hilo, Hawaii
Panasonic GH1, 100-300mm at 300mm, f5.6

Had a pretty good view of the perigee moon tonight from the back yard. This was taken around 9pm.
Adjusted for micro-contrast and mild sharpening. The 100-300 is equivalent to a 200-600 on a full-frame camera.
Might have actually gotten a little sharper of an image if I had turned image stabilization off, since I had the camera on a tripod. Didn’t think of it at the time.

2 thoughts on “Moon at Perigee

  1. Even with the stabilization on, it turned out pretty nice. I just bought a 70-300 Nikkor lens to replace my old, non-stabilized lens – I just hope I can remember to turn mine off anytime I use a tripod.

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