American Idol, Redux

American Idol (v2)

Key: R20120415-210557-v2

I rarely follow up a post with a second version (treatment?) of a photograph. But once in a while I like two different versions so much that I give in to the urge. I thought this filter was apropos and worked well with the image.

7 thoughts on “American Idol, Redux

      • Yes, well possible that they do. And in this sense it’s enlightening: Once your face is tagged in any photo, they will find you in all. That’s why I tried to tell my daughter: no personal photo in f***buck (but to no avail…)

    • That was really bizarre. It seems that wordpress didn’t remove the tag, but flickr lost the image! I’ve since replaced the photo on flickr (and updated this post), but that is a huge vote of no confidence in flickr!

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