Money for Nothing get your Chicks for Free

Chicks, Feathering In

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… Well, chicks for free anyway. An update on the ongoing wild chicks saga.

The little buggers are all outfitted with a new coop (hopefully mongoose-proof). We let them out a little too early before all the poultry netting was full battened down and one of them slipped out under the netting and into the jungle before we could catch it. So we’re down to four. They are putting on weight, feathers, and growing rapidly. I was rather shocked by the last batch we got three years ago–laying in 6 months. I guess if you are going to do that you gotta grow up fast. Our dog is keenly interested, but so far seems to be playing nice.  And she definitely can’t get in the coop.

The song of the day is Money for Nothing, by Dire Straits.  See an all-star rendition by Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and Sting.  Check out those guitar solos!


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