Change of Theme

Just a quick laugh I ran across at PetaPixel today.

Yesterday I was feeling like it was time for a change of theme for the site.  I’d been using the old theme for a few years.  Regular readers who check in via an RSS feed won’t notice any difference, but if you visit you will see the new look.  Feedback appreciated!



6 thoughts on “Change of Theme

  1. Eric, I tend to fluctuate between dark and light themes…dark now, so this new dark theme for “Red Skies at Night” suits my current mood. 🙂 I like the text being a medium grey so as not to cause too much contrast and eye strain for these older eyes.

    • Earl, thanks for the feedback. I was wondering if the grey text might be a bit hard to read. I guess it might depend on the ambient lighting and the brightness of the display.

  2. Could you brighten up the font please? It is of too low contrast right now.

    Sans serif font looks bunched up in Opera 11; perhaps increase in line-height would help?

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