Wild Chicks

Wild Chicks

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(Love those double entendre titles.)  We interrupt this stream of banal japanese street scenes to bring you a late-breaking, banal hawaii backyard scene…

Sometimes life throws you something and you have to take it as a sign.

Our chickens are now around 3 years old and starting to lay eggs a lot less frequently. We were beginning to wonder whether it was time to get some new chicks. Well, this morning we noticed a new chicken making a lot of racket on the fence to our backyard. Our dog kept running out and chasing it off. I didn’t think much about it, thought maybe it was a rooster trying to get in to “get to know” some of our hens. It was persistent, I can tell you that. Finally things got quiet back there and we thought we’d heard the end of that.

Late in the day after running some errands I arrived home and went out to see if the chickens were ready to go into their coop for the night. Imagine my surprise to find the strange chicken in the coop along with 5 chicks! Guess it is a hen all right. Must have been trying to find a way to feed her family.

I took this as a sign that we should adopt these chicks (and the hen too, if she is willing to stick around). So they are now safely ensconced in straw with water and feed and a warm light. They will be well fed and cared for.  Cute little buggers. Probably not the variety I would have chosen, but we’ll see what kind of layers they are.

6 thoughts on “Wild Chicks

  1. Well you know Eric that’s what can happen with “wild chicks” they sometimes end up in the family way. I guess you’re now running a home for wayward chicks! 😉

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