Yuki Tenmondai

Tenmondai in February

Key: R20120229-090056

Living in Hawaii, I think this may be the most I have seen of winter in quite a while. At least it has been a dozen years or more since I have been in a decent snowfall (although we experience some snow in the mountains here). But, in this case, it is Japan. Tokyo also does not get a lot of snow, but they had an odd snowstorm at the end of February, and I happened to be there at the right time to enjoy it. Sadly, I was working, and only managed to snap this on the way to work in the morning with my camera phone. By the next day it was heavily melted and lacked the graceful beauty of the morning before.

I have to live vicariously for snow through Juha’s many lovely snow pics.

3 thoughts on “Yuki Tenmondai

  1. Well, having grown up in Ohio, just inside of the snow belt, I am perfectly fine to appreciate snow from a distance! However, snow does have a beauty all of its own, to be sure!

    • Paul, I am usually quite happy also to “miss” winter. But funny how one takes things for granted and then appreciates them when they don’t experience them for a while…

  2. Well, you have here a fine, delicate photograph, the dark trees and white snow forming an intricate geometry. Quite impressive from a camera phone. But it is of course the photographer who makes the photograph…

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