A 1937 Remix

Allene Houle

Key: allene_houle_17-scan-platinum

Allene Houle
Aged 17, 1937 graduation picture
Photo restoration and platinum toning by GIMP

No photo by Eric today, just a remix. This is a restored photo from 1937. My grandmother-in-law (what is that properly, grandmother once removed?). As you can see from the photo, she was “easy on the eyes”. Still is.

It is probably making the rounds, but just in case you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend this series of short films called “Everything is a Remix” (watch all four!).  It summarizes so clearly the situation in our culture today and throughout history, and how absurd and dangerous these new draconian copyright laws are that these huge corporations are drafting, and our pathetic politicians (with their pockets stuffed with corporate donations) in various countries are rubber-stamping and trying to pass quickly without any clear understanding.  Things like DMCA, SOPA, etc.  Highly, highly, recommended.


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