Folio Mini Workshop: Wrap Up

Folio Mini-Workshop Participants

Key: R20120115-145346

From left: Eric, Jean, Charlene, Ken, Mary, Jim

If you are a regular reader you know that I have been teaching a folio mini-workshop to some other members of our local photography club. These are a really talented group of photographers who were interested in learning how to make a folio. The assignment: a completed, printed and enclosed folio. Today was the wrap up day where we showed our finished product to each other and shared the experiences of their making.

I was very impressed by the results. One of the members has already sold 19 copies of his folio at around $150 each. I have no doubt there will be some more sales by some of the others. They were all very inspiring and impressive pieces of art. I was struck again, looking through them, how the print is still the ultimate performance of a photograph. These folios were all more impressive than the electronic ones we previewed at the last meeting.

Jim's FolioKey: R20120115-131312


Mary's FolioKey: R20120115-133549


Ken's FolioKey: R20120115-135423


Jean's FolioKey: R20120115-140215


Charlene's FolioKey: R20120115-142239


Eric's FolioKey: R20120115-144920


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