Notes to Santa

Christmas Notes to Santa, 2011

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Tyler’s note to Santa:

Dear Santa,
I am leaving some cupcake and the milk (or if you want beer) is in the frige. Give the carrot to your reindeer. Here is what I want:
#1 B.B. gun


(P.S. I think you should drive a minivan pulled by bunnies.)

Momi’s note to Santa:

I/we left you a carrot for Blitzen and a whole apple for dasher and a cut-up one for prancer. For you or Mrs. Clause some cupcakes and a suman (sticky rice (sweet!)). I want a big poofy fancy dress that is green or white. But hey! anything is fine! Also if you heard me at KTA I really like those Trolli gummis. Well, I hope you enjoy the treat. Milk is in the fridge. A glass is on the table. I love you Santa! (I haven’t actually seen you but I still (heart) you!)

love, Momi
P.S. (I really want some heelies but no sweat!)
Ho! Ho! Ho!

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