Tyler and Friend

Tyler and Friend

Key: X20111128-190101-master

I like this one pretty well too. Not such dark shadows, better fill light. Catch lights in the eyes.

Hexanon 50mm f1.4

5 thoughts on “Tyler and Friend

  1. Is this not a bit blue-y based on skin tones (and compared to the previous one, based on shirt color)?

    Is there some cat-induced motion blur in the left arm?

  2. Hi Parv,

    Yeah, looks a little blue to me. I balanced both with levels, but the lighting was different for the picture of him with the cat. Then again, the background is blue so that probably contributes something to the feeling.

    I don’t see the blur on the arm you are talking about, exactly. There is a softness at this aperture that makes everything glow a little; that and some shadows of the cat’s body on his arm kind of gives a feeling of that, I guess.

    • That is so true, Chris. Definitely not enough time to learn all we would like. I think the only real upside to being immortal would be the chance to learn about anything and everything in due course.

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