Portrait Experiments

Self Portrait

Key: X20111128-000708-levels

Ok, so I apologize for giving you a self-portrait today, but it was shortly after midnight and there were no other humans awake for me to experiment with shoot instead photograph. I started playing around with my DIY lights trying to implement some of the lighting ideas that I have been seeing in various video tutorials on the web. As I mentioned before, I am trying to expand my constructed images, and formal portraits is one of the areas in which I am interested in getting some more experience. Later I will try to upload a lighting diagram of what I am doing here.  Just FYI, there is no flash involved.

This was shot with the Hexanon 50mm f1.4 at 1/2 stop down. 1/2 to 1 stop down is kind of a sweet spot for portraits on this lens, I think. It produces a softness that doesn’t result in too many harsh lines and skin pores outlined in gruesome detail.  This is unretouched except for a little bit of levels to get the white balance right.  I might have had the focus on the eyes a little off, because it is a manual lens and I had to focus on a fan that I set in the chair.

Next time I have to remember to get the background just about another foot or two back.

2 thoughts on “Portrait Experiments

  1. Eric, for a self portrait using a manual focus lens I think you’ve don’t a fine job here. The background being back a bit farther would probably make the slight shadows less or not apparent at all. I’ve been enjoyed reading your exploits with the manual lens on your 4/3 camera. I’ve a Olympus E-P2 and I’ve often thought of adapters and older but functionally good lens but have yet to take the plunge. Perhaps your success will be my motivation.

    • Thank you, Earl. I have so much to learn here. It’s been fun playing with the older lenses. As I said in the review earlier, I don’t see myself carrying them around too much, but for specific tasks such as this they may see a lot of use.

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