Winter in Hawaii

Weak Sun

Key: R20111120-145449

I shouldn’t complain. I see on other blogs from more northerly areas how dark it gets and how early and how cold. But we have our own version of winter here and it starts out with a lot of rain and gloomy days. Everything is soggy and muddy. Today the sun peeked out just a few times in a teasing sort of way, just before another set of showers would hit. When I felt some sun on my elbow sitting in the easy chair I ran to get the camera, just to capture a little bit of it. Everyone is holed up inside doing whatever they can find to do.

Playing Dolls in the Top Bunk

Key: R20111120-150135

The song of the day is Here Comes the Sun. Hear the Nina Simone version–very nice, on YouTube, while you can.

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