A Trio of Updates

Brush your Teeth #2

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Some minor updates here to report at Red Skies At Night. A number of things actually, movement on several fronts shall we say, although I’m not sure they are not all related somehow to my feelings of wanting to push the envelope of what I am doing photographically (i.e. getting out of a rut).

I’ve been intrigued for some time about the possibility of using old legacy glass on my micro 4/3’s kit. This is supposed to be one of the really interesting possibilities of the mirrorless design. I’ve liked what I’ve seen on the web of some old Konica Hexanon lenses and how they render on u4/3. Today after a long spell of waiting I finally got busy and found a couple of reasonable deals on ebay for a Konica Hexanon AR 40mm f1.8 and a Hexanon AR 50mm f1.4. The u4/3 adapter for the Konica AR mount is very inexpensive at around $20 from Amazon. It will be fun to play with these and see how they compare to the PanaLeica 45mm Elmarit. These three are all in the mid tele portrait range on 4/3 and I am looking forward to trying to set up some formal portrait sessions and give them a whirl.

In slightly related vein, I’ve been interested in doing some experimental work with the 45mm using a small studio setup. I finally got some materials together for backdrops and reflectors and some inexpensive lighting. I’m going to be playing with some still life, macro, miniatures and maybe abstracts in it. In a future post perhaps, I’ll reveal my klunky DIY setup. I’m pretty excited by it, although I also have a strong sense of going back to basics here. I know next to nothing about lighting set ups, macro photography and the like. Up till now I have strictly been an available light kind of photographer. This is all really new and I know there will be a steep learning curve with lots of experimentation and mistakes. The biggest thing I’m hoping to accomplish is to begin to develop an ability to work from a creative idea to a constructed image. Like many photographers, I have spent years honing the art of seeing images throughout my travels through life–the “found” image. But I feel that there is another kind of creativity that I’m missing out on completely, and that is the constructed image. I’ve made a few, but it has been rare, and I’m hoping that by pushing in that direction I might start getting some inspiration there. I’m going to be marking these images with an “X” designation instead of the usual “R” to indicate that this is highly experimental work.

On a final note, last week my group of fellow photographers who are taking the folio mini-workshop from me met for the second of our three sessions and we went over everyone’s draft electronic version of their folio, then discussed printing options, paper types and enclosure options. This was a really great session and I’m really excited to see the work these folks are putting together. Our third and final session is coming up in January and the assignment for then is to complete the printing and enclosure of the folio. I’ve decided to go with Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth for my Occupy Seattle 2011 folio and I ordered a box of 50 sheets. I am constructing my own enclosure and I’ll probably have a post here on that pretty soon.

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