Mounting Addendum, EHCC Fall Arts Fest 2011 & The Importance Of Titles

Plastic Strip for Attaching Labels

Key: R20111029-162704

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post on exhibition mounting: it seems that most of the contests I enter require you to attach an entry slip to the back of the mount. Invariably they use plain old scotch tape for this, and when you remove the label it tears up a layer or two of the mount board when the tape comes up.

I decided to reduce the wear and tear on the mount board by simply gluing a strip of thin plastic sheet to the back of the mount board. This provides a place to tape the entry label and when you retrieve the photograph you can simply pull off the tape with no issues whatsoever.

I prepared three prints for the East Hawaii Cultural Center‘s Fall Arts Fest contest and exhibition. This is a mixed media show and this year there were a large number of entries: 224, of which 87 were selected. With such a small selection I felt glad to get one print in the show. The Frankfurter made it in, but Two Turtles, Two Ladies did not, nor did Remains of the Day. This is mildly interesting (but hardly surprising anymore), because Turtles and Remains were my first choices for entering, and the third was a toss-up between Frankfurter and Meanwhile, Outside the Crumpet Shop. Glad I went with Frankfurter.

During the Juror’s talk, I asked him if he thought titles were important. He said he thought that titles can be very important. I asked him if he reads the titles when judging the pieces. He said he usually does, but didn’t so much this time around because there were so many pieces and not very much time for selection. I found that interesting, because I have often wondered about the importance of titles. I think I agree that they are important. And yet I don’t really want to spend too much time thinking about it, because I feel that I can over analyze it too much sometimes and end up with a worse title than the one that came up first from the gut instinct. It seems best to think about it just a little bit longer than when the first title presents itself to my mind. If a better one comes to me in the next minute or two I’ll consider it, but that’s all the time I’ll give it. And I rarely change the title after it has been bestowed.

What do you think about the importance of titles?

3 thoughts on “Mounting Addendum, EHCC Fall Arts Fest 2011 & The Importance Of Titles

  1. I would think that a title could be important IF it matches the photograph, much the way that you are thinking. I think that the title can detract from the photograph if it is poorly chosen.

    • Hi Paul,
      Quite so. And further, I sometimes wonder whether a title forces the viewer into viewing the image with a certain mindset. Left to their own devices, they might interpret an image very differently if there is no title “leading them” somewhere. Of course, this may depend on how abstract or conceptual the image is vs. realism.

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