The Occupy Seattle 2011 Folio


Key: R20111008-102440

As I mentioned previously, I am working up a folio of my Occupy Seattle set of photographs. I’m teaching a mini-workshop for some other members of the local photography club on putting together a folio. I will probably collect some of those notes online here in a later post.

One of the features of the approach I take to making folios is that it is trivial to make separate versions for electronic (online download) and print use. If you are interested in seeing the electronic version you can download it from the link below.

Occupy Seattle 2011 Web Folio (4.9 MB).

3 thoughts on “The Occupy Seattle 2011 Folio

  1. A fine body of work you have assembled here, Eric. I enjoyed the (virtual) flipping through the pages, stringent in content and form. And yes, that sense of goodwill, peace, mindfulness can be felt through the images. (And besides, I think their case is justified, and I do hope that the world’s leaders will agree one mechanisms to confine free-wheeling speculation)

  2. Eric, wonderful — the photos as well as the format and composition of the Folio itself. I hear a new poll has shows the american public in general is much more sympathetic to the “occupy movement” then they are or ever were to the “tea party movement.” While I feel the pain like everyone else I don’t know what a solution is but it’s certainly not right when middle class citizens are paying higher rates of taxes then some of the rich and many of the corporations.

    Excellent work!

  3. Thank you, Markus and Earl.

    I certainly hope that something will change. I feel that the corporations got a bailout with almost no new oversight over their behavior. They are free to go about with business as usual. Meanwhile, Joe Taxpayer is laid off, can’t find a job, and is struggling to keep from losing his house to a bank. Why are corporations more important than people? Something is way out of whack here.

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