Occupy Seattle

I had a chance to drop by the “Occupy Seattle” protest when I was in Seattle last week and snap some photos. The scene was very peaceful, although there was certainly a lot of strong feelings and opinions being voiced. I hope the photos give some sense of the event and the kind of people that showed up: a real cross-section of Seattle, I would say.

On the two days that I was there, there was bright sunshine shining in at an oblique angle, while the plaza where the protest was going on was mostly in shade. This made for some tough lighting situations and I generally metered for the shade and just let the sunny areas blow out. This seems to work ok for online viewing, because those areas don’t add anything meaningful to the image anyway, but I wonder how well it would look printed.

I wish I could have gotten some of the backgrounds more defocused, but working the crowd I had real trouble using the 45mm (90mm equiv)–it was just too long and there wasn’t much room to maneuver. So I ended up taking most of the shots with either the 14 (28) or the 20 (40) attached. At at these focal lengths, even at f2.5 and f1.7 respectively it was hard to get the shallow DOF when I stepped back far enough to get enough of the subjects in the frame. Perhaps with a full frame sensor and a little faster glass it could be done at 28-40mm.

Here’s the link to the slideshow if it is not showing up in your browser. I’ll have some more to report later on some further projects I am working on with these photographs.

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