Fountain Fun

Fountain Fun

Key: R20111009-104753

2 thoughts on “Fountain Fun

  1. I’ve been here, and I loved those various elements that your frame depict (the shapes, the water, the people, the horizon, the reflection. I really struggled to capture the feeling of the place by getting close. I think you did a much better job than I did by simply backing up. Love this image.

  2. Thanks, Chris. I made several images sitting here, and reviewing the images what I noticed was that the best versions seemed to have lots of people in different spots doing different things. This was the best of what I had taken. I think the next time I go back it would be wonderful to do a series with the camera rooted in the same spot, because the tableaux changes wonderfully minute by minute.

    This image really suffers on the web from being too small. In a larger version you can see all the figures much more clearly.

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