Faces of Hawaii 2011

Faces of Hawaii 2011 Opening Reception

Key: R20111001-141206

The opening reception for Faces of Hawaii 2011 was today at the Volcano Art Center Niaulani Campus in Volcano village. It was a beautiful day to drive up and enjoy the photographs, pizza, pupus and taiko drumming.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had gotten a Juror’s Honorable Mention for Just Before Bedtime #2. I had one other print also in the show, Just Before Bedtime. Regular readers will recall these images from the blog. The juror’s choices also made it into a book.  I bought a softcover copy, but I can’t recommend it: the text block was falling out by the time I reached home. I also felt that the color and B&W reproduction suffered in the book. The images on the walls looked great, however, and the Volcano Art Center is a nice venue for the exhibition.


Key: R20111001-130209-levels

13 thoughts on “Faces of Hawaii 2011

  1. Congratulations, Eric! This is a well deserved honor for those perfect b&w images. I can only try to imagine how they look (and feel) as prints, maybe on a just minimally structured paper…

    • It’s a little bit of a letdown, yes. But the softcover was $15.00, meaning their cost was even less. I wonder where they got it printed. At that kind of cost, you are not going to get quality. I would have guessed Blurb, but my self-made Blurb books are much better quality than this. Not sure where they got it done.

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