Hilo Sharks

Hilo Sharks

Key: R20110929-155246-wbcrop-sRGB

Pany GH1 w/20mm f1.7 at f5.0 1/320s

I took the portrait this afternoon for my son’s basketball team. They were sitting in the deep shade of a building steps at around 3:45 pm in the afternoon. I thought it came out quite all right.

4 thoughts on “Hilo Sharks

  1. Eric, did you try apertures larger than f/5, or would that have been a futile exercise (for two rows to be “sharp enough”)? I ask as the lighted Pepsi vending machine & the light coming through the windows with grill(?) in background are rather distracting.

    • Hi Parv,
      Actually it was my initial plan to try to blur the background a little, but given my experience with this lens I was actually worried a little bit about not having the faces sharp in the second row so I closed down some. I also had to back up enough to get everyone in the frame and that contributed to the depth of field at f5. It was a little hard keeping everyone’s attention or I might have tried some exposures bracketing the aperture. I didn’t really even have much time to chimp the shot because they all had a game to play immediately.

      I agree with Earl that the background doesn’t distract me much because it’s generally dim except for the windows.

  2. The exposure looks really good considering this was deep shade. I don’t find the Pepsi machine and windows in the background terribly distracting…my eyes always go to the team first and only then may wander to the background.

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