9/11 Postscript

Pau Hana

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The 10th anniversary of 9/11 anniversary is just past, and it’s a good time to reflect on the positive and negative things that have resulted from that momentous event. One fairly negative thing for photographers worldwide is that somehow “serious” photography got associated with terrorism in the lesser minds of our public authorities. Here is a rather chilling video that explains the extent of this travesty in the US.

I’m sure things will swing back to a more sane viewpoint eventually, as they usually do, but the question is how long will it take. Fortunately there are some encouraging pushback occasionally, although it is not nearly enough. One would hope that saner minds would prevail, but that seems to be getting rarer and rarer

Sunset Snooze

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5 thoughts on “9/11 Postscript

  1. Eric, As an interesting note on this post, I’ve been photographing in Bucharest, Romania, subjects which have included governmental, diplomatic and transportation facilities with only casual glances by security and police forces…never been stopped or questioned. Even before seeing your post, I was thinking there was a certain irony to probably not having the same level of access and immunity as a photographer in the US capital.

    I hope we regain our senses…but I’m not sure if or when it will happen.

    • Hi Chris. Glad you can appreciate cat pictures! I seldom post them because they are such a cliche on the internet. Someone has a great new lens and what do they show pictures of? Their cat! (or their dog).

  2. Hmm … just read the “rarer and rarer” article. It’s nothing but depressing, and it works here in Europe as well. Populism and upcoming totalitarianism, a political caste of thieves and a press that prints the lies that they are paid for. Did I mention that it’s depressing?

    Thanks for the link anyway 🙂

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