How to get out of a funk?

One sunny afternoon ... happily ever after

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Upon seeing this good advice yet again, I’ve decided that I need to get off my duff and just put in some hours with the camera instead of waiting for inspiration to strike.  I know that it will, eventually, but I’m conceding that I need to get proactive about it.  I had a really low day today (on a Sunday), feeling generally restless and cynical and cranky.  I know that what I need is to get my artistic muse cranked up and it would take care of a lot of those feelings.  I’ve been getting a decent amount of food and sleep and exercise a week, so I know that isn’t what’s eating at me.

I’m not generally fond of the “picture a day” kind of habits, but I think I will be putting forth some effort into just forcing some things, photographically.  It’s going to be uncomfortable, and I’m going to be posting some work that is pretty experimental for me on the blog.  That in itself will be uncomfortable, because up till now I’ve generally posted work that I like and when I don’t have anything recent that I like, I don’t post.  I’m a little private that way.  But it’s time for a change.  Let’s see whether it makes a difference.

8 thoughts on “How to get out of a funk?

  1. Don’t force it. Posting daily works for me and some others, barely, and it has some benefits, but then, sometimes it’s nothing but a burden. What I really need is time without stress. 20 minutes a day can be enough, but I need to be able to immerse myself. If I can’t, all the time in the world does not help. Yesterday I had so much stress that I couldn’t even enjoy swimming, and that on a beautiful summer day. Guess what my photographic output was 🙂

    For me photography is immersion, breathing, forgetfulness. I need to let go. If I can’t, I can’t. No way to force it.

  2. I agree with Andreas. His output astounds me, and I could not match it. But I do agree with the idea of forcing yourself out of your safe zone. I find both ends of photography peaceful; the taking the image part, and the processing the image part.

  3. Andreas and Chris, thank you for your comments. I don’t plan to force myself to post a picture a day. What I want to do is force myself to take a route outside of my normal subjects and methods. It’s no different than many other great learning experiences I’ve had–“nothing ventured, nothing gained”. I’ll have some more to say about exactly what I want to try that is new in another post. Because this will be a pretty new area for me and I have little experience, I am expecting that I won’t be terribly happy with the results until I find my “groove” (if ever I do). But still I am planning to post more of my “experiments” than is typical of me–usually I edit my work and only show the things I like. In that sense it will be a little “forced”.

  4. Just the act of changing our patterns, habits or workflow can sometimes be stressful but it can also expose some interesting new results. I look forward to seeing those that you post, Eric.

  5. Go for it, Eric. Even if I am an audience of 1 (which, of course, I’m not!) your photographic efforts are worth it because they are always interesting to me (especially the ones including my grandkids or Amy, of course, again) and I love seeing what “catches your lens” so to speak. Always entertaining, and they make me feel closer to you all.
    Thanks for putting in the effort and I hope it works to improve your restlessness and GRUMPINESS because I don’t want to think you are grumping at my daughter!!
    Love, Mother-in-law

  6. Ditto your mother-in-law. I really enjoy your photos available in here. Not just for the uniqueness and interest but, of course a lot of your subject matter is special to your relatives! You have a precious, special family and you are a valuable document-er!

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