Girl with a Bale of Hay

Girl with a Bale of Hay

Key: R20110701-104420-curves

At MoMA, where else?

3 thoughts on “Girl with a Bale of Hay

  1. Good combination – also with the b&w figures in the background. Is photography in the MoMA officially allowed or did you just sneak one shot?

    • Hi Markus,
      I was expecting that photography was not allowed, but the place was packed with people and everyone was snapping away: with cell phones, digicams, DSLRs, you name it. Seems it is not an issue there.

      The day before I had gone to the International Center for Photography and there I was definitively told by a guard: “no photography allowed”.

  2. And to think, all those years growing up on a farm, putting up hay each spring and summer…I was making art! 🙂

    I like all the white space in this image…it gives voice to the other.

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