At the Photo Expo

Eric with "No Div"

Key: R20110604-173333-wb

This weekend saw the opening of the 12th annual Hawaii Photo Expo. The Expo is the premier photography competition and exhibition on the Big Island. I’m on the board of the expo and have been involved with various aspects of the show for several years. Of course I also want to compete in the show and as long as I don’t assist the juror I don’t think there is any real conflict of interest. This year I only got one piece accepted, but it was one that I was pretty happy with and I think it looked pretty good printed at A3+ size. Longtime readers may recognize the image.  The juror, George F. Lee, photo editor of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspaper, gave a nice gallery walk-around and critique–everyone was very appreciative. There was some good food at the opening and a decent turnout despite not the greatest weather. All in all a nice night and a lot of fun.

The mixed lighting of gallery lighting and flash resulted in a file that was hard to white balance, no matter what I tried.

4 thoughts on “At the Photo Expo

  1. Congratulations Eric. I’ve still not gotten up the nerve to explore the local artist/photo opportunities here so I’m always interested and happy to see your progress and daring. I think it’s great! Have a good weekend.

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