Raindrops in River

Looking Down: Raindrops in River

Key: R20110508-172030

3 thoughts on “Raindrops in River

  1. Great image and I love this series. Definitely an interesting direction. Do you use the viewfinder or live view on the rear LCD? With my LX5, though I have the viewfinder, I tend to use the LCD much more often now. It’s great for unusual perspectives.

  2. Hi Andreas, glad you like the looking down series, it’s one of my favorites as well.

    I use both the VF and the LCD. I probably end up using the LCD a bit more, although I have never really thought about it much; just use what feels right at the time. Obviously if it is too bright I go the VF, but also if a scene feels too “busy”, it helps my mind to cut away everything except the composition.

    In this particular case I probably was using the LCD, because I was standing on a muddy rock in the river, and thinking that it would be a sad loss of the camera if I fell in…

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