More on Changing The Size Of The AF Focus Box On The Olympus EP-1

Olympus EP-1, AF test

Key: R20110410-131204-af

It looks like my post from earlier today about making the AF focusing more accurate on the Olympus EP-1 by trying to reduce the AF focus box size was too optimistic.  It seemed to help focus in my brief tests indoors, but after a bit of testing outdoors I began having my doubts that it was actually improving things.  I did some more research on the net, and after watching this video, I decided to try the same test between my Olympus EP-1 and the Panasonic GH-1.  Both cameras are using the same lens, the Panasonic 20mm f1.7, a very popular lens for micro 4/3s.  The setup is as shown in the first image.  First I focus on the tree to the left of the tree in the back center (both trees are about the same distance) so that the lens will have to move a lot in order to lock focus on the chopstick in the AF box, then recompose (as shown) to include the chopstick prominently in the AF box and press the shutter to lock focus, and fire.  Using the “workaround” small AF box on the Olympus (as described in the previous post), I was unable to get the camera to lock focus upon the chopstick in about 40 attempts.

I then decided to make the test more equitable.  I set the EP-1 to its default normal center AF point, with the lens at f2.0.  I set the GH-1 to the closest size AF box (in the frame, illustrated in approximate size by the red box in the photos) and also at f2.0.  Both cameras were in aperture-priority mode, exposure compensation set to 0.  In numerous attempts I could not get the EP-1 to lock focus on the chopstick.  The GH-1 locked on the chopstick every time.

Panasonic GH-1, AF test

Key: R20110410-125752-af

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