EHCC Spring Arts Fest

Me with "Self-Portrait, Kalapana" at the EHCC Spring Arts Fest opening

Key: R20110401-185536

It’s that time of year again.  The East Hawaii Cultural Center, the art hub of East Hawaii, had its Spring Arts Fest contest and exhibition.  This spring I got two pieces in.  The show was a bit on the small side, and there was a fair amount of blank space on the walls this year.  It made me wonder whether it was from lack of entries or whether the juror was just very strict about what she wanted to accept.  I know there were a few rejections (among them another of my pieces), so I tend to think that it was not for lack of entries.  In any case, I was happy to get some work into the show and thought it was a pretty decent exhibit.  The opening night crowd was also on the small side, despite a decent amount of good, free food.  What gives?

One thought on “EHCC Spring Arts Fest

  1. good going, eric! I like the picture you entered…also a good likeness of you standing there in full color. Handsome dog.

    See you in June…can’t wait!

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