Turn of the Year

Self Portrait #2, Kalapana

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A few reflections on the past year, and a look ahead into 2011, of a personal note, part of my ongoing journal of my creative journey.

When I look back at what I wrote last year, some things definitely have not changed. I still don’t have enough time for photography.  I still have not organized my collection or my shooting habits around projects or themes (although I am making a little progress in that direction, and certainly thinking about it a lot).

On the other hand, some things definitely have changed.  I am now fully switched over to the m4/3s system and rarely pick up the small cameras any more.  A shame, because I tend to carry those more often.  I do try to pick up a camera every time I go out the door, even if I’m just heading to a day at work. I plan to carry on that practice.

The year started out pretty well: three contests/shows entered, accepted into two.  Made a book, made another folio, had it reviewed, got some large pieces printed and framed.  But then a virtual tsunami hit me in the form of work around September.  The culmination of 5 years of work on a project coming to fruition.  And photography slid into the background.  I’m only beginning to recover, having survived the tide.  I don’t forsee that kind of work intensity being required in the next couple of years, so hopefully I can get back to a more reasonable balance of life.

As far as the photography side, in the next year I really want/need to start organizing my work around themes and projects.  I just need and want that direction.  I won’t be so focused on doing contests, but I will enter a couple select ones where it makes sense.  I’m probably through with SoFoBoMo books, although I do plan to keep on making books on my own schedule.  If I can get my work organized, I really want to push into the making of more folios.  And I think the next logical step after that is to try to arrange a solo show or get into a small group show somewhere (or at least get that process started).  Oh, and it would be fun to take in a workshop, if I can find/spare the time.  I don’t plan any major equipment upgrades, although I have a feeling my photo printer may be heading south (metaphorically speaking), so I may be looking at updating my photo printing setup sometime during the year.  I still want to dabble a bit into video, and would like to edit a couple short video pieces.

Summary: shoot more, with purpose, results ending up in folios and hopefully a solo show somewhere.  I’ll keep you updated.

New for this year: On music.

Music is my other important artistic hobby.  So far I’ve been dabbling, although this last year I managed to put out something like 5 or 6 self-recorded pieces.  I listen to them from time to time.  Sometimes I cringe and sometimes I smile. For music, which is a much newer hobby to me than photography, my goals are more simple.  More practice, more recording, more playing with other people, and hopefully some public gigs down the road somewhere.  It’s not my intention to be a “musician”, but doing almost anything publicly makes you better at it, at least that’s what I’ve found with most things in life like photography, writing, speaking, etc.  Currently I play guitar and ukulele.  I’d like to get a start on learning keyboard.  Both my kids can play piano and I’m amazed by their progress, so maybe they can help me out as well as inspire me.  I’d like to record some more music with them.

Dear Reader, if you’ve made it this far, let me wish you a Happy New Year, and my best wishes for you in 2011.  I hope that you make progress on your creative goals in 2011!

2 thoughts on “Turn of the Year

  1. Eric, I “made it this far” and am sending you good New Year’s vibes back across the miles.” Creative-R-U. Keep it up, you have much to share and are setting such a good example for your children. Thanks.
    Gramma Sally

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