Self Portrait, Kalapana

Self Portrait, Kalapana

Key: R20101226-153726-toned

Toned platinum.

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait, Kalapana

  1. Eric, wonderful shot. It really draws your eye back into the image. I like it very much and find the platinum tone appealing in this case. Happy Holidays and may the coming New Year be kind to you.

  2. Thanks, Earl. When I saw this shot developing, I kind of wished I’d taken a camera with a bigger sensor, but I had just brought the Ricoh GX100. It managed the job, though I had to dial down the highlights a bit more than I would have liked. My eye travels in a triangle from my shadow to the couple on the near shore, then back along the shoreline to the various people in back, then back down the beach to the shadow.

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