Cross and Moss

Cross and Moss

Key: R20101125-165058

Dear Readers,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you are having a good Thanksgiving and the beginnings of a nice holiday season.

Here on the east side of Hawai’i we are having a pretty typical wet November. We had alternating sunshine with heavy showers today, which means there is lawn mowing in my near future. Every two weeks when it alternates like that, less often when it is more purely sunny or rainy.

I never noticed this cross carved into a tree that I pass by every day walking the dog. Today I just happened to glance to the left and there it was. Not sure if it is there as a religious symbol or some other reason. In any case I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition with the moss. I’m sure there is a good story that could be made about this image. The mosquitoes have been somewhat overwhelming around dusk due to all the rain; All I can remember is that I probably lost an ounce of blood standing here taking a half dozen photographs, trying to find the composition that worked for me.

One thought on “Cross and Moss

  1. Hi Eric, The moss surrounding this carved cross makes for an Interesting photo worth at least an ounce of blood in its capture…as long as the mosquitoes didn’t leave anything behind. šŸ™‚

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