Art imitating life

Henrietta #1

Key: R20101003-163104

I hate to disappoint you, Dear Readers, but work has been intruding into the rest of my life fairly heavily lately. Thus my artistic muse is at a significant lull at the moment, even supposing I did have any time to do photography, which I don’t. The project I have been working on for 5 years, to develop new a new software system to run astronomic observations at a major telescope, has been put into production, and as the lead architect I am spending many evenings answering questions and making sure that everything rolls out smoothly. So far so good. But it will take a few weeks for everyone to become comfortable with the new software system, even though we did fairly extensive testing and a bit of training. And there will be some bugs that we could only find with continuous use. I say all this only to explain my lack of posting lately. It’s not for lack of desire. To be honest, it’s been a bit stressful, and I feel perhaps just a bit like a dizzy chicken running around at times.

Henrietta #2

Key: R20101003-163117

When I get home tired and exhausted, my head still swirling with thoughts and ideas, I’ll read a novel to calm myself. Occasionally I pull out a laptop and catch up on some photography news or my friends writing about photography in the blogosphere. It gives me something pleasant to think about. While I was doing this the other night, I ran across a notice that the Olympus EP-1 is practically on a fire sale now. Being a little over a year from announcement, this makes sense. The successor model, the EP-2 is already a few months old as well. Being somewhat interested in this camera, since I own lenses in micro 4/3’s format, I took a look at how much the body was going for on Amazon–$385!!. Holy cow, that’s about half the initial price. I ordered one, thinking this would be an interesting way to get a backup body to my Panasonic GH-1 and explore the vaunted Olympus color engine. This is the cool thing about a standard lens mount, there are manufacturer choices for bodies, not just lenses.

Henrietta #3

Key: R20101003-163044

The body arrived the other day, and finally this weekend I had a chance to slap a lens on it and play around a bit. I’ll be posting some brief thoughts on the handling and operation in comparison to the Panny in the coming weeks, as time allows. Since the camera is so old in Internet years it’s not worth doing a full review on it. These are the first cameras from Panasonic and Olympus that I’ve ever owned, so I’m not a longtime fan of either company. Olympus certainly has a storied history as a camera maker, however. I can remember lusting after their Olympus OM-1 way back in the day. Alas, back in those years it was out of my budget range. Now I can try an Olympus after all these years! The Olympus won’t be able to get too far on it’s brand name alone though. After some initial hesitation, the Panasonic has really grown on me, especially after I was able to get the 20mm pancake lens for it.

Well, enough rambling about gear. Hope you are enjoying your camera, Dear Reader, whatever it may be.

Henrietta #4

Key: R20101003-163058

“Did you get my good side?”

Taken with an Olympus EP-1 and a Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake.

2 thoughts on “Art imitating life

  1. You have sold me on the EP1. I have been debating going M4/3 for a while now. Your shots are really awesome. I look forward to reading more about your linux based photography workflow

    • Hi Rashard,
      Thanks for reading. I actually can’t recommend the EP1 too much. I have been somewhat disappointed with it. I shoot most of my photos with a Panasonic GH1. The Pana GH series cameras are the bomb–check them out.

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