Blurb book arrived

A Walk Along Hilo Bay: Blurb book cover

Key: R20100826-142329-levels

In the bustle of the past few days I forgot to mention that my SoFoBoMo 2010 Blurb book arrived last week.

A Walk Along Hilo Bay: Blurb book interior

Not too much to say about this one that I haven’t said already about the previous Blurb book I did. This one basically reused the templates and form factor, so aside from being pretty different thematically, the books are very similar in quality.

To recap: you get what you pay for.  The image quality is pretty good, but just don’t compare it closely to an inkjet print, it will fall well short of that.  Still seeking that elusive printer that can do a POD book with high image quality on fine book paper (not photo paper) with close to inkjet quality.

For the price I can’t complain.  Blurb order details are here.  See the book online here.

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