A Wild Weekend

A Menehune

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I am recovering from a very interesting and crazy experience. Last weekend, while exploring a forested valley in a remote corner of the island, I was attacked and taken captive by menehune.

This one spotted me while I was taking photos.

Menehune Warrior

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When I took his photo, he jumped out brandishing a weapon and gave a fierce grunt. I heard some loud calls and soon more menehune were running to the area.
Menehune Warriors

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By the looks on their faces I knew that I was in for trouble!
Menehune Women

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After the warriors had subdued me and tied me to a tree, the menehune women crowded around to see the strange prisoner.
Captured by Menehune

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Under their magic I was powerless to resist and upon waking, as if from a spell, I found I had been adorned as they were.

Completely captivated by their mana, I eventually found myself thinking and acting like a menehune myself. I was completely lost to their world.

(If you have ever been abducted by aliens, you may have some inkling of what I am talking about.)

Menehune swinging

Key: R20100822-132923

Eventually they tired of me and went off to play another game. Coming to my senses, I made a break for it and dashed wildly back in the direction of the trail, just barely eluding recapture.

After a torturous bushwhack I made it to civilization, and can finally share my story with the world.

If you are exploring the backcountry of Hawai’i–beware!

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