No Surrender

Something different today folks. While I’m waiting for my Blurb book to arrive, I spent my Sunday afternoon with my other hobby, music. I think this all started from a Bruce Springsteen song I saw posted somewhere, maybe from Andreas’ blog. Once I’m down the rathole into YouTube music videos I can be in there quite a while before surfacing for air. I was watching Bruce videos when I ran across this absolutely stunning acoustic version of No Surrender. This got me a little excited because I was learning this song and had been playing it on the guitar in the position he normally plays it in concert, key of F all the way down the neck. In this video you can see he plays it capo 3, which means you can play it in the same key, but with much easier chords. Of course this is basic knowledge, nothing special, but it also sounded really good there and I was excited to try it myself. Then I ran across this other great version by Eddie Vedder.  Now I was totally hooked and the afternoon was lost to recording fun.  I didn’t really want to mow the yard anyway. 🙂

Now that you’ve heard these two completely awesome musicians and their versions, you can steel yourself and sample my humble attempt.  Before you do, I’d just like to refer your attention to the large graphic in this post.  This is a super-scientific graph that shows the amount of relative music experience of the three persons mentioned in this post.  Of course, my section would be even smaller if the graphic making software allowed it!

So without further ado, please check it out on my posterous: No Surrender, Eric Jeschke version.

3 thoughts on “No Surrender

  1. Eric, I second that of Andreas…absolutely cool. I’m always a bit envious of those with musical talents. I have no talent of my own but appreciate good music perhaps even more because of it. 🙂

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