Book ordered

Liliuokalani Gardens

Key: R20100724-080350-cm

Well, I managed to get my 2010 SoFoBoMo book, A Walk Along Hilo Bay, submitted to Blurb and ordered a copy. Since I was working off of the templates from last year I didn’t really expect any problems, and fortunately all went smoothly. A copy should be wending its way toward me soon and I’ll let you know how it all turned out on paper. If you want to check it out on Blurb, here’s the link.

I promised a post about the project and I still mean to get to that. I’ve been a bit surprised at the reaction to the book, which has been quite enthusiastic so far. More soon.

4 thoughts on “Book ordered

  1. Eric, I’m happy to hear “A Walk Along Hilo Bay” is getting the proper recognition and enthusiasm. It’s a beautiful book that has a very personal “private tour” feel to it…beside the wonderful photos.

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  3. eric, don’t ask me how I stumbled in here,(through flicker initially, I think) but I have had one enjoyable Labor Day evening looking at your slideshow and listening to No Surrender and the above. All good. I am so proud of you and awed by your expertise in so many areas. Thankful, too, as you know…..that Amy found and matched you so well.
    Loved the menehume pics and story. My grandkids are blessed with the best parents. All very good.

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