A long walk and a pink bus

Pink Bus

Key: 20100724-120830

First, about the pink bus. I was following this pink bus in my car this morning and found it somewhat intriguing. First of all, to paint a bus pink, and all over to boot, including all the side and back windows! What could be inside? Later, as I was finishing up my walk, I saw the bus parked and got this photo.

The long walk, as you might have surmised, was part of the national photo walk day. I will not name the photographer whose name is on the marquee, nor post a link, because you can easily find that for yourself. I am pretty sure he did not invent photo walks, and now by some clever marketing has attached his name to the idea of photo walks and managed to get tens of thousands of photographers to sign up on his web site one day every year and give him their email addresses for his direct marketing database. But not mine. I simply went to mingle with some fellow local photographers, stretch my legs a bit and perhaps do some photography.

You see, I have this last, desperate plan to save my SoFoBoMo book project, which is due in a week. Go out and shoot (I really don’t like that word for photography, but that’s what it was today) a whole lot of photos in just a few hours and hopefully get 35 for a book. The walk itself and its general location gave me some ideas for the topic of the book and the style of the photography, which I’ll save for another post, but suffice it to say that it is not my usual method to do this kind of machine gunning style “shooting”. Far from it. But as projects can do, this one pushed me in a way that I wouldn’t normally go, and that can sometimes be good. Looking at the “take”, I can see that there is easily a decent selection to choose from. Now I have the project idea and the photos and I just need to do the editing, layout and writing. It’ll be close, but I think I can make the deadline, having two or three books under my belt by now. It would have been ok to let SoFoBoMo go (ooh, I like that), but it rankles me a bit to commit to myself to do something and then not follow through.  I’ll be putting up some of the take all this week on the blog, culminating with a post on the book–fingers crossed.

I did miss the deadline for getting something in to Faces of Hawai’i, and that was disappointing, but I was too busy with work and travel, and it can’t be helped.  I did manage 3 other photo/art competitions this year, so I’m not feeling so bad on punting that.  Shame though, I really enjoy doing portrait-type stuff these days.

3 thoughts on “A long walk and a pink bus

  1. Hi Andreas,
    I was actually inspired by your post saying that you were going to do the book in your own time. It’s a wise choice. As my project choice is now rather forced and not what I would normally choose, I’m content to crank out the book as another exercise in book making. I think this may be my last SoFoBoMo book though, unless I really feel inspired to go through the motions again. By now I feel that I have the mechanics down pretty good.

  2. Eric, perhaps the pink bus is some sort of sign from the powers that be. A sign of what, I have no idea, but you definitely don’t see a bus painted like this every day — at least I don’t 😉

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