Summer doldrums

End of a summer day in Hawai`i

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I’m experiencing a bit of the summer doldrums, photography-wise. I haven’t had time to work on my SoFoBoMo project due to work. I’m finally back from a business trip, and feeling a little time freeing up and realizing that there is not much time left. My muse is a bit lost too it seems.  All of the projects that I have in mind would take more time than I have.  I need a micro project!

Oh well. Time to go to the beach.  The cure for many ills.

3 thoughts on “Summer doldrums

  1. That beach could certainly better my mood — beautiful colors.

    I’ve conceded I’ll not have a SoFoBoMo book this year. The heart just isn’t into it and I don’t want to only go through the motions. Now instead of feeling bad about no doing one, I’m feeling relieved about not forcing it. That tells me I made the right decision.

  2. Hi Earl,
    I suppose I would not be too disappointed to slough off the SoFoBoMo project this year. I’ve done two already and this third was beginning to feel a bit like “been there, done that”. BUT–I did feel like it was a good excuse to make another book. Kind of a way to force my hand (again).

    Well, I still have another couple of weeks left. I’m thinking that it would be kind of fun to do all the photos in one day, if I could just make up my mind on some little micro-project.

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