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Key: 20100612-173738

Flickr is previewing some changes to their service.  While they are mostly cosmetic changes, they are welcome in my mind.  The best new change is the default with of 640 pixels for image viewing.  People have larger monitors these days and this only makes sense.  I’d like to see them roll out another option between that and the next size up of 1024 pixels. Perhaps now that they have taken this step for two “middle” size images there is a possibility of some more sizes coming.

Another nice feature is that when you click on the image you are taken to a “lightbox” type page that shows the image off much nicer in large with a black background.  Nice!  Image and set/collection navigation has been improved, and there is less page navigation to grab the html for an image to blog it.  All in all, a nice little upgrade.

I purchased a SmugMug account upgrade a while back, but I’ve just not been overly impressed with the usability of their site.  I think the programmatic interface of flickr (their web services API) has been really useful.  I have nice little tools that I can use to upload and manipulate my flickr images.  This may just be the upgrade that keeps me firmly on board.

2 thoughts on “Flickr Changes

  1. Did you notice any slowdown, like I did this morning caused apparently due to fetching a large amount of data (JavaScript?) in Opera?

    That and lack of access to file at actual size made me switch to old version.

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