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Last weekend’s effort to get the kinks worked out of my printing process on matte has enabled me to finish my folio for the photography workshop coming up next weekend in conjunction with the Hawai`i Photo Expo.  Good thing too because I have a busy week ahead and would have had no time to work on it.

I am pretty happy with the result, given the time constraints I had.  I ended up using some matte paper stocks that weren’t quite as nice as I would have liked, but they are decent.  I didn’t have time to order more, and living on a sparsely-populated island in the pacific ocean there just isn’t that much in the way of fine-art paper selection at the local stores.

I’m still planning to work on a better folio case, but this presentation case that I got from Office Max was not bad looking, and makes a decent wrap.  I have enough photos to do a color one as well, but I don’t think I’ll get that done in time for the workshop, and it would be a few too many photos to bring for review anyway.

The selection process for this folio was an interesting exercise that I’m looking forward to spending some more time doing.  After about a week of on and off thought about it I decided that putting together a themed folio would be best, but I need much more time on the selection process than I can give to that right now.  Instead I settled on a plan to make several “best of” folios by year.  Doing it this way made it manageable, because I could reasonably go through a year’s worth of photography and make some selects in a few days.

I selected somewhere around 50 photographs for the initial cut for Folio ONE 2009.  After pondering these for a while I decided to not to mix B&W and color, and not to mix radically different aspect ratios.  This led me to select 15 photographs in B&W square format, plus a cover image and a back matter image.  Following the very good advice here, 15-17 seems like a good number.  Printing on these thicker matte stocks I think I would never go higher than 25 anyway, it’s just too much.  Probably if I was going to do something more serious with this folio I’d cut it down even more to the best 10-12 images.

All in all a great learning experience, and I’m looking forward to the feedback (good or bad) at the workshop.  I’ll post the online version of the folio following the workshop and a report on that.

6 thoughts on “More folio activity

  1. Have you tried folio covers from
    I used some of them, and was pleased with their quality. Also made folders (portfolios) using heavy handcrafted paper from Langdell –
    Nonetheless it is quite a challenge to find the proper materials (even in the continental US).The theme of the prints and the folio containing them “make it or break it”. Actually my search got me interested in handmade artists books, the “one of a kind” type.

    • Thanks for the references, Peter. I’ve heard of Dane Creek, but never really looked into them. I’d like to try to make my own covers. It doesn’t look too difficult. I just wonder how much practice it would take me to get something professional-looking. That paper is not cheap.

      Regarding making your own books, it seems like binding a inkjet printed folio would be an interesting option.

      • Making the folders is not that difficult – I started out by using one of the Dane Creek folders as a template, but as you know there are infinite ways one can go about it, and yes indeed good handmade paper is expensive! I looked at some Japanese mulberry paper, beautiful stuff, alas way beyond what I am able to spend …

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