Two more to go on display

Girls watching boys watching screens

Key: R20091125-192932

(best viewed large)

In my last post on the topic, I mentioned that I was waiting to hear the results of a third local photo contest I’ve entered this year, the Hawaii Photo Expo.  I’m pleased to report that I have two photographs out of three accepted into the show.  The juror made the initial selections for the exhibition from digital submissions, and will award prizes upon viewing the show at the end of May.

I’m kind of excited because one of these prints will be in a 16:9 wide aspect format that I am just starting to work in more frequently.  The other is 3:2, which is a aspect ratio I tend not to use too much since the old 35mm days. I really like the 16:9 format, and will have to experiment a bit to see how large I want to print and frame these.  I have one B&W and one color in the show.

Boot Camp, Mana Road

Key: R20091219-135941

The juror will have a workshop, which should be interesting.

2 thoughts on “Two more to go on display

  1. Eric, congratulations on the two photos being accepted into the Hawaii Photo Expo! You’ve every right to be very pleased and proud. Wonderful!

    I tend to do a lot of 3:2 photos but I do believe, with the right shot, a 16:9 can have more impact.

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