Merrie Monarch

Hula dancer, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20100408-192502

Converted to sRGB and sharpened

The kids and I went to the ultimate hula competition in the world, the Merrie Monarch festival. It’s a 4 day event, but we just attended Thursday night, where single female dancers vie for the coveted Miss Aloha Hula title. We got a good seat in the back of the stage, where we were pretty close. Unfortunately we spent a lot of time looking at the dancer’s backs, although with all the spinning, etc. there were opportunities to see more.

I took the GH1 with me and it’s 280mm equivalent lens was just enough to isolate the dancers pretty well. Even though the stage was reasonably brightly lit, I had to jack the ISO up to 1600 just to get a decent shutter speed with the slow 5.8 aperture at that zoom setting. I was appreciating the IS on the camera, but wishing for a more sensitive sensor, not bigger glass. I snapped a lot of frames, a few of which I was happy with.

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