Family Portrait 2010

Jeschkes, take 1

Jeschkes,  take 2

Jeschkes, take 3

Jeschke’s takes 1, 2 and 3.

This weekend the Hilo Photography Club got together to practice some portraiture. This was a run-through to get ready for a project to photograph senior citizens that the club is doing gratis. The morning was on-and-off rainy, but I asked my family to get dressed up and head down to the meet up because it was a chance to get a family portrait taken without me running around clicking the self-timer and what not–there were plenty of other photographers around to press the shutter.

We set up under a medium-sized, white tarp and there were reflectors available to try to fill in some shadows. Unfortunately the set up wasn’t really big enough for a family and in my hurry in the rain I didn’t frame very accurately, as you can see. I had to put on my widest lens and get in close to keep the camera under the tarp and out of the rain. In the first picture we are looking around at all the people standing around and are not focused.  In the second picture we just watched a big puddle of water wash down from the roof of the tarp onto the photographer’s back.  In the third shot the photographer is trying to get our attention back.  In the end my camera did end up getting quite a bit of water on it, but I think it was unharmed.

These shots illustrate just how hard it is to get a decent shot of a group of people. It seems that every shot has someone with a best expression, or eyes open, looking the right way, etc. In the end it’s all a matter of compromise.

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